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Most people e-mail me their files as Word attachments. Occasionally, my clientele mail their papers to me for hand editing or so I can refer to comments from their committee members.

I always use the "track changes" feature in Word. One can then toggle back and forth between tracked and final versions to see both rough and fine-tuned editing as well as comments and queries from me. This method shows accountability for the level of work I’ve done and gives the writer the opportunity to accept or reject changes.

Though most of what I do involves editing, I can also compose technical reports as well as business and advertising copy. An outline of what needs to be written and a consultation are usually enough for me to go on. I often help students extensively with paraphrasing and I can give them extensive over-the-top coaching.

Almost all the people for whom I have worked would agree that I help to make their writing flow beautifully while retaining their unique voices. Moreover, as a teacher who subscribes to the radical belief that each and every individual can be successful, an encouraging touch is an integral part of my services. So call on me for a virtual cup of tea and we'll discuss your project!