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What is an Academic Writing Coach?

Some people who go back to school to seek advanced degrees, already at the top of their fields, have had little experience composing critical essays and research papers. Though it would be neither legal nor ethical for me to write papers for degree candidates, I can assist these writers every step of the way to a satisfactorily completed product.

As an academic writing teacher and reading specialist, I understand the learning/writing process. I can take the writer from the initial pre-writing stages (outlines, graphic overviews, developing a working thesis); to learning how to summarize, paraphrase and synthesize; to completing a polished paper. 

Much of that work can be done through specific assignments from me (e.g., "Let's find some sources that would be more acceptable to your advisor"), and then we can work together on the paper over Zoom or our phones. This service is unique and is highly valued by the people with whom I have worked.