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For over 30 years, I have had experience as a copy editor, instructor, tutor, and dissertation coach. As an English teacher who is still teaching academic and technical report writing, I can offer friendly, personal instruction in addition to editing and writing for anything from a thesis or dissertation to a business report. My coaching services are valued, especially by my online academic clients (mostly from Walden and Grand Canyon University as well as brick and mortar institutions).

Most of the work that I've done has involved academic writing in papers, theses, and dissertations for graduate students and peer-reviewed papers for professors. I have a reputation for putting a smile on the face of many a committee chairperson who was ready to give up on a long-term doctoral candidate! Still, I've also had many opportunities to do business editing and to write technical reports along with the academic "stuff."

To me, editing is an art, a puzzle where one piece at a time falls into place through skill and instinct. Then the combination of my revision and the writer's voice works in harmony to produce a truly impressive piece that will dazzle any reader!

In addition to editing, I can coach my clients to complete dissertations and journal articles. I also spend much time in Zoom meetings about what ideas they want to put down on paper.

Send me a sample page and I will show you for free how I can make your project the most amazing result of your professionalism!